15 Ağustos 2006

Is This An Accident?

Saturday morning, while i was on my way to Ormanli, a paragliding site northwest of Istanbul, a strangest thing happened. On a road between some villages, i met a thin rope that was attached to trees on both sides of the road. Actually, recognising it as attached to trees, gave me some scars.

I was riding on my bike, with 80 km/h. I saw the rope which was 20 cm away from my throat. I went on my way for about 40 cm, and it was just the time that i recognised that the rope was attached to trees. I went 40cm-20cm=20cm back relative to bike, tried not to choke and keep my head above my shoulders. The bike was alerted too and decided to leave the road. At that moment, the rope also decided not to choke me or take my head or take me completely, and detached or broke off.

I controlled the bike again, decided not to stop. Actually i was glad that still rolling on two wheels. I checked my throat, saw no sign of blood, took some breath, that was ok too! So no problem.

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